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Funding Links

Funding for Heritage (Posted on 19th August 2021)

Heritage Memorial Fund

Funding for Entrepreneurs (Posted on 28th July 2021)

UnLtd Awards

Grants for Digital Skills (Posted on 22nd July 2021)

Santander Foundation

Funding for Health & Wellbeing (Posted on 14th July 2021)

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Funding for Faith Groups (Posted on 30th June 2021)

All Churches Trust

Grants for Environment (Posted on 16th June 2021)


Funding for Communities (Posted on 2nd June 2021)

Birmingham and Black Country Fund

Grants for Small Charities (Posted on 26th May 2021)

Lloyds Bank Foundation

Grants for Youth Activities (Posted on 19th May 2021)

Birmingham Holiday Activities & Food Grant Programme

New Funding Alert (Posted on 13th May 2021)

Matthew Good Foundation

Grants for Financial Literacy (Posted on 28th April 2021)

Stop Loan Sharks

Crime Prevention Funding News (Posted on 21st April 2021)

Youth Endowment Fund

Grants for The Arts (Posted on 14th April 2021)

The Baring Foundation

Grants for North East Birmingham (Posted on 31st March 2021)

Heart of England Fund

Grants for Employment (Posted on 24th March 2021)

Black Country ESF Community Grants

Funding for Heritage (Posted on 17th March 2021)

Heritage Stage Up Programme

Mental Health Funding News (Posted 10th March 2021)

The Pixel Fund

New Funding Alert (Posted on 24th February 2021)

The Volant Trust

Funding for Charities (Posted on 17th February 2021)

Ford Trust

Grants for Digital Skills (Posted on 10th February 2021)

The Fat Beehive Foundation

Funding for Schools (Posted on 27th January 2021)

Connecting Classrooms

Grants for Community Businesses (Posted on 30th December 2020)

Power to Change

Grants for Arts & Culture (Posted on 23rd December 2020)

The Space

Grants for Wellbeing (Posted on 16th December 2020)

Winter Wellbeing Fund

Grants for Communities (Posted on 9th December 2020)

Arts Council Thriving Communities

Grants for Technology & Innovation (Posted on 2nd December 2020)

British Council Open Call

Funding for Food Poverty (Posted on 25th November 2020)

Asda Foundation

New Funding Alert (Posted on 19th November 2020)

Sector Challenge Programme

Funding for Sport & Wellbeing (Posted on 18th November 2020)

Return to Play: Small Grants

Funding for Grant Giving (Posted on 17th November 2020)

The Global Majority Fund

Grants for Health (Posted on 10th November 2020)

NHS Blood & Transplant 

New Funding Alert (Posted on 9th November 2020)

Increasing Access Fund

Grants for Artists (Posted on 4th November 2020)

Keep Keeping Fund

Grants for Digital Skills (Posted on 3rd November 2020)

Heritage Lottery 

Grants for Heritage (Posted on 2nd November 2020)

AHF – Cultural Recovery Fund

Grants for Young People (Posted on 30th October 2020)

Positive Futures Fund

Grants for Women & Girls (Posted on 26th October 2020)

Women’s Sector Resilience Fund

Grants for BAME-Led Enterprises (Posted on 21st October 2020)

ColourBrave Charity Committee

Grants for The Economy (Posted on 20th October 2020)

Rapid Recovery Challenge

Grants for Campaigns (Posted on 14th October 2020)

Your Coop Campaigns Fund

Grants for Youth Employment (Posted on 12th October 2020)

Youth Futures Foundation

Grants for Communities (Posted on 7th October 2020)

The Community Business Trade Up Programme

New Funding Alert (Posted on 5th October 2020)

Leaders with Lived Experience

Grants for Children & Young People (Posted on 30th September 2020)

Tesco Bags of Help

Funding for Environment (Posted on 28th September 2020)

Heritage Fund

Grants for Arts & Culture (Posted on 23rd September 2020)

Art Fund

Grants for Employment (Posted on 21st September 2020)

Kickstarter Scheme

Grants for Financial Skills (Posted on 16th September 2020)

MSE Charity

Community Arts Funding News (Posted on 9th September 2020)

Arts Council 

Large Funding Alert (Posted on 7th September 2020)

Comic Relief

Grants For Research (Posted on 10th June 2020)

Nuffield Foundation 

Grants For Businesses (Posted on 3rd June 2020)

The Prince’s Trust

Grants For Heritage (Posted on 27th May 2020)

Heritage Fund 

Grants For Elderly (Posted on 25th May 2020)

Persimmon Community Champions 

Funding For Community Projects (Posted on 22nd May 2020)

Cadent Foundation 

Funding For Sport & Wellbeing (Posted on 18th May 2020)

Sport England

Grants For Children & Families (Posted on 13th May 2020)

Birmingham City Council 

Funding News Small to Medium Sized Organisations (Posted on 11th May 2020)

Groundwork ESF Community Grants

Grants For Technology & Training (Posted on 6th May 2020)

Clarion Housing

Grants For Road Safety (Posted on 4th May 2020)

The Road Safety Trust

Grants For Music (Posted on 29th April 2020)

Youth Music

Funding for Crime Prevention (Posted on 27th April 2020)

The Triangle Trust 

New Funding Alert (Posted on 22nd April 2020)

Tampon Tax Fund 

Grants For Homelessness (Posted on 15th April 2020)

Crisis Emergency Grants

Funding For The Black Country (Posted on 13th April 2020)

Black Country ESF Community Grants

Grants For Communities (Posted on 8th April 2020)

Neighbourly Community Fund 

Funding For Children & Young People (Posted on 6th April 2020)

Arts Connect – Arts Award

Funding For Communities (Posted on 2nd April 2020)

People’s Health Trust – Active Communities 

Funding News – Small to Medium Sized Organisations (Posted on 1st April 2020)

Coronavirus Resilience Fund – Heart of England

Funding For Sports & Wellbeing (Posted on 16th Mar 2020)

Sport England

Funding For Children & Young People (Posted on 5th Mar 2020)

The Ironmongers Company

Funding For Environment (Posted on 4th Dec 2019)

Enovert Community Trust

Funding For Children & Young People (Posted on 4th Dec 2019)

Children In Need – Small Grants Fund

Funding News: Manufacturing (Posted on 3rd Oct 2019)

The Manufacturing Growth Programme

Funding News: Small-Medium Sized Organisations (Posted on 2nd Oct 2019)

The Regional Debt Fund

Funding For Communities (Posted on 25th Sept 2019)

Esme Fairbairn Fund

Funding For Children & Young People (Posted on 23rd Sept 2019)

The Teacher Development Fund

Grants For Disadvantaged Communities (Posted on 12th July 2019)

Lloyds Bank Foundation

Grants For Music (Posted on 11th July 2019)

Momentum Music Fund

Funding News: Housing Projects (Posted on 21st June 2019)

Nationwide Community Grant Programme

Funding For Faith Groups (Posted on 12th June 2019)

St Peter’s Saltley Trust

Grants For The Elderly (Posted on 11th June 2019)

The Yardley Trust

Funding For Respite Breaks (Posted on 10th June 2019)

The Adamson Trust

Funding For Deprived Communities (Posted on 8th June 2019)

Coalfields Community Investment Programme

Funding Alert (Posted on 6th June 2019)

Dulverton Trust

Funding For Human Rights (Posted on 5th June 2019)

A B Charitable Trust

Funding Alert (Posted on 4th June 2019)

Barrow Cadbury Trust

Funding For Sports & Well-being (Posted On 3rd June 2019)

Sport Birmingham

Funding For Faith Groups (Posted on 2nd June 2019)

Near Neighbours Fund

Funding For Children & Young People (Posted on 1st June 2019)

Baron Davenport’s Charity

Grants For Environment (Posted on 31st May 2019)

Birmingham International Airport Community Trust Fund

New Funding Alert (Posted on 30th May 2019)

Harborne Parish Lands Charity

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