Developing people and communities

Mindset-led organisation – developing opportunities and designing projects for communities.

Personal Development

We believe in development from the inside out. We specialise in improving the mind in order to access wellbeing, economic health, and happiness. We have a range of approaches that help individuals move forward in life, building an introspective relationship that remains during critical phases of life.

For example, we use mindfulness to introduce the neuroscience of the brain, then use this gained knowledge to help parents understand their challenging teens. This experience can improve employability, reduced isolation and lead to a happier life.

We are constantly listening for new and effective ways to help people to develop. Email us to start a discussion.


We Design projects that help people move forward in life and avoid poverty. This includes conceptual design of project ideas and we work with communities to design what “better” could look like.


We Create the pathways for effective delivery. We specialise in evidence-based interventions and practical solutions with communities and partners to help bring conceptual change to life. We use decades of experience and solutions together, to create realistic and contextual solutions for the situation at hand. This includes hands on project management of creating resources, engaging partners and feasibility testing.


We Deliver the planned project with our portfolio of skills. Managing partners, specialists and working alongside beneficiary communities is a great strength of ours. Our mindset led approach allows us to thrive in challenging environments. We also have capabilities in business development, bid development, marketing expertise, which all contribute to sustainability of projects.

Raising awareness of your passion & amplifying your impact

Before any organisation or initiative can show people how great they are, firstly, they must grab attention. Our Events experience has yielded some valuable relationships with press, bloggers and online influencers. We are known for engaging in interesting events and delivering events on time and safely.

This trust and reputation has helped us in growing strong channels and routes to creating attention and awareness. For your engaging with high level awareness we have marketing and communications capabilities that will include:

  • Email marketing design and implementations
  • Creating press releases and bespoke Press engagement
  • Graphic design of the promotional materials
  • Video marketing design and distribution
  • Launch events or impactful marketing stunts
  • Coordinating all of the above

We also offer social media capabilities that can help you get awareness across Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Snapchat, Twitter. We are able to understand the cultural shifts across these platforms and other emerging platforms in order to get the best results. We work hard at understanding communities so that stakeholders and all those that care get the impact they deserve.

Strategically Connecting Proven Problem Solvers

We understand the need for sharing the load. Especially in our increasingly complex world, where social challenges have no quick fixes. Complimentary partnerships are a way forward. We help organisations to establish strategies to find partnerships and we help to broker partnerships on behalf of inexperienced organisations.

Very often working across industries or cross-collaborative work takes compromise and patience. Our role is to help organisations understand how each other work. Then identify areas with the least friction and establish pathways for the cooperative partnership to work efficiently. We stay with clients through their journey and help them face their challenges with supportive  and a positive mindset.

Connecting Minds For Tomorrow’s Solutions

As a mindset organisation we value fresh perspectives and informed thinking. That is why networking is a valued practice. We work to help create a joined up environment of informed thinking and solution focused mentalities in the hope that great minds can create change within communities they live.

We host networking events around a range of topics including: Health & Wellbeing; Food; Mental Health; FInancial Literacy; Employability, Environment, Crime & Violence Prevention; Social Inequality; Housing; Care; Homelessness; Youth Issues; Ageing Issues, Social Enterprise, Politics (please organise alphabetically)

We also do all of this on behalf of clients. We understand that having the capabilities to execute and deliver networking events can be a strain on teams, so we undertake all of the hardest parts of managing a networking event. This allows you to enjoy and engage with your communities and partners.

A space to help you grow networks and relationships. Access to relationships and know-how is a hidden component of social mobility. Meeting people to exchange ideas with, learn from or give help to is a great way of improving mindsets and well-being.

We believe in helping people and communities to connect with breakthrough moments. We create experiences where people can access insights as well as gain access to influential and proven people. We believe it is time for know-how to be shared in order to help communities lead themselves out of poverty and into better lives.

We’re committed to putting you in a space to express yourself, and a place to help you move forward. From funders, to successful social entrepreneurs and even politicians, we will get the right people in front of you so you can gain the knowledge and advantage that you seek.

Helping Individuals achieve their potential

We believe that nothing great grows in the comfort zone. We develop projects and programmes to help individuals achieve  greatness in order for their communities to benefit and thrive.

We create and share a range of opportunities to allow individuals to access knowledge and know-how for long term personal development. As well as physical events for communites to engage in, we also have a podcast for those interested in the mindset behind a range of issues.

We’re supporting communities to grow leaders and change makers. See how some of our events can help you.

We’re here to help – Talk to us

Aspire4U CIC’s mission is to support communities to create better futures. Listening to you is the first step in community engagement. We’re here to listen.

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