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From listening to our communities and partners over the years, we identified the challenges they face and committed ourselves to solving them. Business Development is essential for organisations to survive.

Income, impact, and attention are essential aspects of modern emerging social enterprises. We help identify key insights about organisations so we can develop their business.  For example, by equipping a social enterprise with a better understanding of their client needs, we can improve their offering and sales skills to raise revenue. This enables them to progress, make a real difference and impact lives positively. Everybody wins.

Our clients entrust us to deliver project management and coordination support for their organisation. We project manage your business needs to deliver project efficiency and a high-class end-result. Leading to in increased income and improved event management capabilities for future projects.

Our partners usually find bid writing intimidating and in some cases tiresome. Therefore, we offer bid/tender development support. We use our insider knowledge whilst gathering specific intelligence about suitable bids so we can match organisations’ ideas to eligible bids. This vastly increases their chances of obtaining, delivering and developing from bids and tenders.

We also encourage better organisation skills. We implement efficient bid development strategies into the organisation’s practices and routines. This service is especially useful for organisations with challenges, disabilities or disadvantages as we can deliver bids on their behalf.

Project Management

Communities deserve the best value for money and the best social return. For those with limited capacity, we offer an important project management service so they can focus on delivering impact elsewhere.

We have an experienced team with safety, community and enjoyment at its heart. A team who are committed to ensuring important projects get delivered with attention to detail.

From community research to a business development plan, or funding strategy, we help social enterprises, entrepreneurs and organisations to manage their projects effectively.

We even have capabilities to manage your press and PR projects to ensure the highest awareness and publicity.

Marketing communications, promotion, and publicity are an essential part of organisations’ move from surviving to thriving.

We have the capabilities to help organisations access the attention needed for them to grow awareness. From social media project management, to press releases and newsletter distribution, we help organisations make sense of modern media and aid them in getting discovered.

Research / community engagement

Aspire4U has a rich history of understanding the real needs of real people. We work hard to ensure decision makers and policy makers accurately understand the challenges their community face.

We support organisations looking to engage with their communities. This includes political insight, health, young people, and financial literacy in disadvantaged communities. We are known for being able to engage hidden communities and sensitively manage difficult topics.

Bid development

As we are embedded in the communities we work alongside, we are passionate about moving them forward and increasing their ease of access to resources. Accessing funding through grants or securing contracts can be an impactful factor for these organisations.

We help organisations understand the funding climate and identify what type of funding is the most appropriate. We help to increase grant application success through support and guidance. We work with a
range of professionals with experience who can reduce the likelihood of unsuccessful applications.

Business development

Every social enterprise, organisation, or initiative needs opportunities to appear. Building relationships, creating awareness, gaining access to buyers or commissioners, and developing industry intelligence increases the volume of opportunities.

We offer consultancy services to understand the climate of your industry and establish your options based on your unique circumstances. Furthermore, we can undertake and deliver this service on your behalf – either short term or long term.

We offer organisations competitive advantages through our social media capabilities, which aims to establish awareness and build relationships across multiple platforms; including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Publicity & Awareness Raising

Before any organisation can show people how great they are, they must grab attention. Our events experience has yielded some valuable relationships with press, bloggers and online influencers. We are known for engaging in interesting events and delivering events on time and safely.

Our reputation has helped us establish clear and long-lasting routes for creating attention and awareness. For your engaging with high-level awareness, we have marketing and communications capabilities that include: Access to press publicity, blog content creation, social media campaigns to grow their exposure in the public realm. We help organisations with both short-term projects or long-term campaigns to strategically capture hearts, minds and attention for their chosen cause.

As an experienced social enterprise undertaking brave projects and endeavours, we are able to share expertise, know-how and measured approaches to media and publicity.

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Aspire4U CIC’s mission is to support communities to create better futures. Listening to you is the first step in community engagement. We’re here to listen.

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