If you work with young people, Aspire4u can help your organisation through our youth-influenced training programme: Youth Influenced Education & Leadership Development (YIELD). 

Are you looking to give young people a voice?


We can help you find new ways of solving old challenges. Our YIELD programme focuses on connecting lived-experienced young people with organisations working for them. So, this training provides enterprises with first-hand insights and approaches to issues from the point of view of a young person.

With vast experience in listening to those confronting youth issues, the Aspire4u team delivers training sessions in collaboration with the youth consultants. The session will get you in the room with parents and young people who want to share their stories. You can bring any topic that will help your organisation to the table! Previously, we have delivered training around a whole host of topics. For example; youth violence, county lines, domestic abuse, child exploitation, and fraud. 

Our youth-influenced training is based on lived-experience voices because there’s no better way to understand a problem than listening to those who have been through it. Also, sharing experiences is a great starting point to become aware of causes and effects that might be missed. After working with the programme, your team can expand knowledge and elevate your organisation’s work.

Recently, we delivered sessions with Birmingham Children’s Trust and Mental Health Foundation. This helped them to identify key problems, connect them with young people, and improve their practice. 

YIELD Feedback

“Absolute wow! What a session today. It was not only eye-opening but heartfelt and humbling. Some amazing guests and our staff labelled ‘best session yet!’ Cannot wait to continue this work and build on our learning from today!” -Sophie Gilbert, Birmingham Children’s Trust

“This was a brilliant session and as a social work student, lived experiences are key to developing social work practice.” – Natalie, YIELD training attendee 

“This is my best session for the week as it reflected lived experiences which made a huge difference for me.” – Marie Tsado, YIELD training attendee 

“These topics are huge and deserve so much more time. All the contributors have been really generous.”– Jane Howard, YIELD training attendee

Get in touch!

YIELD fits the needs of a variety of community organisations. If you’re interested in YIELD training, please contact hello@aspire4u.co.uk for more information. 


Written by Fernanda Treviño

For Aspire4u CIC,

The Mindset-Led Organisation

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We are a not for profit community engagement organisation. We use the arts to develop mindsets to improve well-being, foster financial literacy and give people employability skills.

So get involved! You can contact hello@aspire4u.co.uk to discuss our current opportunities.

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