Lived Experience Panels

Aspire4U have been collaborating with individuals who have lived experiences which bring fresh takes to professionals who want to listen. What we’re particularly looking for are lived experiences which aren’t often heard on mainstream platforms. For example we want to hear from anyone involved in gangs, who has experienced child criminal exploitation. And even those living with autism. That’s just a portion of the list. If you see yourself¬† unrepresented we’re looking to hear from you.

Discussions With Experience

We believe that people with lived experiences should be at the head of the discussions about them. We are talking to professionals about the ways to make this happen. On our panels we have a mixture of Q&A sessions, talking about life experiences, and offering advice on what has helped them in the past.

We want professionals to collaborate with the people they are trying to find solutions for. For example we’re talking to teachers, social care workers, youth offending officials and safeguarding leaders.

In Birmingham, we held an event in March focusing on child criminal exploitation. And we’ve also held an event in Dudley on knife crime and county lines.

Get Involved

If you are a professional and would like to attend one of our events to get first-hand information from individuals with these lived experiences then get in touch. Find out how you can help prevent problems in the future.

If you are a teacher, these lived experience panels may affect schoolwork. Do a session with teachers to help spot signs of these issues, and in addition boost your CPD (continued professional development). With young people, we can advise on intervention processes and help them by speaking to people their own age. Parents can gain insight into what happens to some young people and therefore become more aware of early signals.

If you are a social worker, we can focus on domestic abuse and how to spot hidden signs that may be unnoticed.

For safeguarding teams, we can build a lived experience panel for you to help with preventative work and also how to spot early signs.

If you are in policing and protective roles, we can help give a deeper understanding of these issues. Find out how they consequently affect people within the community.

For NHS and healthcare workers, we can work with you alongside people with these lived experiences. Improve your understanding of the issues behind the people you face every day.

If you are in housing, or a funder or charity and are interested in commissioning an event where people with lived experience can get heard, we can help you with that.

We can develop bespoke ones if you feel there is an issue within your community that there is not enough information about, and a need for more discussion.

You can email us via projects@aspire4u.co.uk

Or contact us here.


Written by Aiden Perrins



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