Do you want your social enterprise to reach the next level?

If you’re running a small organisation, finding the productivity tools that work best for you can help your team work smarter. So we looked around for you, and here are five productivity tools to help you add more hours to the day!


Best for: 

  • Planning and scheduling social media posts
  • Curating great content
  • Measuring your social media metrics

Successfully marketing your enterprise is no simple task. You have to keep up with your audience, engage with the community, create eye-catching posts, analyse metrics, and more. There is a wide variety of social media tools, but we think Hootsuite is the best. 

Hootsuite is designed to help you manage your social media accounts from one place. It covers every task that needs to be performed. From scheduling posts to creating content, measuring results, engagement, and monitoring conversations online. So if it’s just you managing your social media accounts, Hootsuite makes the task more manageable.


Google Trends

Best for: 

  • Keeping up with trends
  • Finding topic ideas
  • Creating relevant content

Sometimes it can be tricky to think of new, creative ideas for social media posts. Thankfully, Google has created this incredible tool for you to use. Google Trends is a free tool that can identify and analyse the popularity of specific search terms. It is as simple as typing a keyword and letting Google do the hard work for you!


Best for: 

  • Organising your tasks
  • Working on multiple projects
  • Collaborating with your team

Keeping up with several projects can be overwhelming – especially when working remotely. Trello is a project management tool that makes teamwork so much easier. This tool is highly intuitive and simple. It allows you to create boards that can be personalised to your needs. You can organise teams, assign tasks, set deadlines, and make checklists. You can even upload files by creating cards on each board. Trello is particularly useful if you are a visual learner.


Best for: 

  • Communicating with your team
  • Instant messaging
  • Organising your conversations 

Communication has gone digital, that’s why it’s so important to simplify team collaboration and encourage quick communication. Slack is an integrated platform that is becoming a favourite of those seeking to organise volunteers and get things done. 

On Slack, you can create channels for each project, open public channels to communicate faster with larger groups and talk to coworkers individually. Also, it allows you to contact people outside of your enterprise, which can help build communications streams with beneficiaries and partner organisations. Isn’t that great?


Best for:

  • Staying focused
  • Managing your time
  • Being more productive

With so much going on externally, getting things done has become harder. Forest is an app that can make you more productive and helps you to stay present. Forest works by virtually planting a tree when you want to stay focused. This acts as a timer and your tree will grow as you work. Get distracted, and your tree will start to die.  Also, this app isn’t just visually pleasing, but it contributes to the environment as Forest collaborates with a real tree-planting organisation to combat deforestation. That’s reason enough to focus!


Bonus: Did you know Little Helper Kate offers a Virtual Assistant service? 
This service focuses on helping your team with administrative tasks such as communications, admin, and marketing, so your organisation can invest time into what matters: your community! To find out more, visit their website

That’s our list of top productivity tools for social enterprises! These apps serve to keep you and your team more motivated and efficient. The great thing is that most of them have a free version, will give you a free trial, or have an affordable cost.

If you have any other tool you would like to recommend, please get in touch with us.

Written by Fernanda Treviño

For Aspire4u CIC,

The Mindset Lead Organisation

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