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Our pillars: Mindset Development, Financial Literacy & Employability

What we do

Changing mindsets &
Developing communities

Aspire4U CIC (Community Interest Company) is a not for profit community engagement organisation that uses the arts as a vehicle to steer mindsets towards wellbeing, financial literacy & employability.

We help young people, families, and communities reimagine their lives so they can create better futures, with their own ideas and perceptions taking the forefront of our work.

We use online and real-life experiences to develop mindsets necessary for stronger communities. We passionately believe in our core foundations for mindset growth: understanding techniques, understanding money and understanding the mind.

What makes us unique

Where New Thought
Meets Conventional Wisdom

We bridge bold community ideas with proven methods and the resources needed.

We help communities and community minded businesses take innovative steps to help themselves and each other.

We are thought leaders who use intellectual property and business strategy (including raising funds) to keep community initiatives sustainable and future ready.

Documenting our progress

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