Dudley Youth Awards

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Aspire4u are very proud of giving recognition to real people making real differences. The Dudley Youth Awards is organised by Dudley Youth Council to publicly commend young people. Acts of kindness and compassion recognised and celebrated as they should be. Talent and tenacity rewarded. Boldness and bravery also included as part of the inspirational ingredients list.


Dudley Metropolitan Council, Dudley Youth Service Team and Dudley Youth Council

Dudley Youth Awards – In Recognition of Positive Young People


Praise and Recognition

The Dudley Youth Awards, which took place on Friday 16th March 2018, awarded outstanding individuals for their work in spreading warmth into the sometimes cold biases of our world .

The awards firstly acknowledged young people in the arts, sports and environmental field. It also drew attention to those who have overcome adversity and become ambassadors for social good, while managing their disability.

Aspire4U love the concept of encouragement – whether it be acting as role model to others, or creating a moving art project. They aim to promote the efforts of young people.

Explore the age ranges and award categories here: http://bit.ly/2fntMz6

Aspire4U was proud to support The Dudley Youth Service team with their Children in Care Awards later this year. We also really enjoy working with communities to develop positive outcomes.

Finally, for more information on how we can help you engage young people and communities email us.

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We are a not for profit community engagement organisation that uses the arts to develop mindsets to improve well-being, foster financial literacy and give people employability skills.

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