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For those with a passion for film and production, an awesome opportunity awaits. Creativeskillset offers training grants for those wanting to develop their creative ideas and plans. The organisation works with screen-based, creative industries throughout the UK. Their aim is to help hone skills and talent, whether it be from the classroom or boardroom, and to make your individuality individual.  


The training grants consist of bursaries, of up to £800, from the Film Skills Levy Fund.  These can be used by films freelancers in suitable departments to spend towards training costs. The good news is, it’s not just for film and production. For anyone hoping to develop craft and technical skills, the bursaries apply. For 2018, roles considered eligible are art, camera, construction, costume, electrical, hair and make-up, post production, Production office and Health and Safety.

Funding opportunities for production, film and   crafts

These other key skills have been prioritised as a result of research being undertaken within the industry – something  Aspire4u really advocates. Now that more departments have been introduced for grants, there is wider scope for creative individuals to receive the help they need to succeed. In fact, it shows that the work people do in other areas is just as worthy and deserving of funding.

So, for more information, take a look at the following link.


Written by Kate Dodwell

For Aspire4U CIC,
The Mindset Lead Organisation

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