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You tell us what you think will make the world better and we share what we know works. Together we design something that will positively disrupt and make lives better.



We use our skills, networks, partners and good old fashioned community elbow grease to actually make things happen. Together we make something people can see or feel is actually going to help our world.



Then we do it. We work in sync to make sure those that need this positive change really get it. Through creative means of art, dance, food, music, technology, words or whatever works for the people that need it.

West Midlands based community interest company, future-proofing skills, mindsets and opportunities for all – especially the disadvantaged. We are passionate about community led ideas, social action, identity, well being and technology.

We work with communities to co-design meaningful development experiences that engage, up-skill, and get results and we love doing it.

We use our senses: we listen to the voice of communities, then research the bigger picture to get a taste of reality, sniff out risk, then look to build resources, strategy, sustainability and design.

We continue to grow our devoted team of industry experts to tackle the unique challenges for each project. This method keeps us responsible, proactive, impactful, positively disruptive, wise (with money) and gets everyone healthy results.

All Lives Matter

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