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This month we’re looking at influential organisations that help battle challenges of the mind. Beat It Percussion does just this. For individuals with disabilities and also dementia, musical workshops have a number of positive impacts. The verbs ‘include’, ‘encourage’ and ‘eliminate’ are best suited to these gatherings.


Picture credit: BeatitPercussion/music workshops, making sound

Picture credit: BeatitPercussion/influential workshops

Influential Instrumentals

Beat It Percussion have spent 2018 making a strong impact in Sandwell and have engaged over 500 people in homes, dementia settings and hospices through percussion and storytelling. More than anything, the inclusion of playing instruments or creating sound helps reduce the speed of dementia getting a hold of someone. So the additional benefit of the programme idea is to help dispel any negative feelings of loneliness, fear or uncertainty that may be associated with a disability or degenerative illness.


Continuing Impact Through Partnerships

Alongside Beat It Percussion, Aspire4U is working in partnership with other organisations to establish a network of solution providers. BVSC (Birmingham Voluntary Service Council) is one of them. Firstly, they coordinate the Ageing Better Fund in the Birmingham region for reducing isolation with elderly people. Communities become empowered into finding their own solutions to challenges with the help of funding.  Ageing Better offers support to increase well being and indeed encourage better quality of life, with one key rule – the elderly communities as a group, must select their solutions that they want to be funded. So whilst Aspire4U may not always deliver interventions directly, we very much advocate for other organisations and more importantly help them with business development to grow relationships, build capacity and stay sustainable.

We look forward to lifting more communities by supporting their mindset, financial literacy and also employability towards achieving their vision. We are also working with  organisations that help improve issues around hidden communities, gangs, domestic abuse and equality. In fact, we shall be sharing more in future blogs.

Written by Kate Dodwell

For Aspire4U CIC,
The Mindset Lead Organisation

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