After numerous all-nighters, living in tracksuits and abandoning personal hygiene for most of third year – you’re finally graduating from university!

Whilst picking the perfect footwear for your big day is imperative (trust me, choose wisely); what soon-to-be graduates often forget is the darker, more challenging side of the graduation stage.

The real world awaits – and what’s most chilling about it? After three years of constant studying, students are seldom prepared for the harsh realities of the Post-Uni experience – until now…

I am going to break down my journey of leaving the matrix. Although this may not be relatable to everyone, it will convey emotions, thoughts and mind-sets the majority of graduates face after finishing their degree.


Now What…            

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Within two weeks of leaving university; I felt an overwhelming sense of surrealism.

Unless you progress straight onto a Masters course; the label of “student” no longer applies.

The comfort blanket of education was swiftly snatched away. Student to Unemployed memes became a regular go-to joke in my WhatsApp group chats, but there was nothing funny about the instability we all felt.

None of us had a grand graduate job awaiting us in September and ultimately, none of us knew which career path we wanted to pursue.

My schedule was shed of its previous commitments; deadlines, lectures and study dates were now a thing of the past.

This sudden lack of routine caused me to feel unbalanced and without purpose.

In the midst of a mini existential crisis – the four walls I devoted three years to now defined me.

I was faced with two daunting questions: what is next and most importantly, who am I?


Finding Myself

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Firstly, I replenished my routine.

By all means, enjoy your summer break but use your free time wisely. It will not last forever.

I immersed myself in talks and events. They ranged from self-confidence training to leadership courses. I did everything to make me look more employable and refined.

Abandoning the traditional path; I decided to volunteer in India with the International Citizen Service (ICS).

Their programmes are designed to mould world influencers out of young people with the courage to change their society.

Not only did it replace university with amazing life experiences, culture and a wider world perspective; I was given room to serenely explore my next career move.

My mind has entered into the avenue of adulthood.


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Overall, life after university is engraved with growing pains.

Although there will be pressure to find a high paying salary; it’s O.K to be doubtful of your next life decision.

Take time to explore your options. Intern with a company that exhibits your passions, travel – research your dreams so when the time comes, job satisfaction and fulfilment can sit on your list of achievements too.


Written by Ashlee E L Roberts

For Aspire4U CIC,
The Mindset Lead Organisation

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