It is not news that governmental funding for young people has been severely cut in recent months but the support that used to be found in government led projects can now be found in more technological and novel ways. One way in which young people can get support and help to develop their skills is through their phones and one app in particular.

CTZN, an app created by Aspire4U’s partner – Social Sense aims to engage with Manchester teenagers to create a two-way communication channel and offer a safe social network that connects young people with real opportunities.

The app works with young people to ensure that they can make a real and positive difference to their communities and offers them rewards for doing so. Such as, matching young people with activities and opportunities across a region as well as other physical rewards (tickets to sports/ music events).

The app hopes to help young people to build their reputation and acts as an online CV which demonstrates a young person’s positive reputation and achievements. It also engages young people in issues that affect their daily lives, offering support and encouraging respect between each other to prevent bullying and online trolling.

All of the organisations posting activities to CTZN have agreed to make sure their activities meet all of the laws designed to keep young people safe as the organisation is working closely with Greater Manchester Police.

The app could offer students and young people a huge amount of support in a time when the government is doing so little. It is one of the few ways that young people are able to communicate and work together and with organisations in order to access positive activities and further their professional careers.


App Testing Workshop

It is not the only app of its kind that connects the work that young people do to a reward based system. Psychologically, rewards encourage action and development of people of all age ranges and therefore you can see the advantages of an app designed to this process. If you are more likely to gain a physical reward on the completion of something, you are more likely to keep on doing the rewarded activity. It is all about mindset and the desire to do something.

Aspire4U endorses this project as it stands for many of the things that we stand for and encourages young people to achieve their full potential.

The app which is free to use can be downloaded for android or iPhone.

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