The sixth episode of the Leading Communities Podcast on Bereavement came out on 4th October 2020. It was a powerful and moving listen.

Zoe Pope is an anti-knife and youth opportunities campaigner. Hannah Galloway is a trained bereavement counsellor. Both joined host Marieanne Delaney of Ideal Directions Marketing to talk about bereavement and grief.

Our community inspired podcast explores issues raised by passionate people of the West Midlands. We feature cutting edge guidance from proven leaders.

Episode Highlights:
  • Firstly, we discuss how someone starts campaigning against youth violence. Zoe Pope explains that she didn’t want her son to have died in vain so she works passionately to prevent the same tragedy happening to other families. She works to inspire communities to work against knife crime: “the change can only come from us”, she says.
  •  Zoe then goes on to explain the financial repercussions that a tragedy can have on a family. The funeral costs, sourcing therapy and self-financing following the court case can financially cripple a family.
  • They discuss the power and comfort that can be gained from talking to other people who have been through the same experiences and how important therapy is.
  • They explore the challenges of attracting the right people to the campaign as the audience is typically already families who have experienced this type of loss so they don’t need to be persuaded. The way to reach young people is through grassroots youth work by providing opportunities and activities.
  • Finally, discussion moves onto considering in depth the challenges involved in engaging young people when they find conventional path of belonging and wellbeing hard to access. The important thing is to respect young people and have intelligent conversations with them about actions and consequences. The basis of discord is communication. Zoe Pope says adults need to take on the job of developing children and showing them how to interact, build resilience and manage conflict.
Who Is This Podcast For?

Community leaders working with young people who want to know more about how to better engage children.

Community leaders focusing on anti knife crime campaigns and looking to support, educate and engage on related issues.

Young people who are interested in learning more about the impact of knife crime on families.

Therapists who want to learn more about grief counselling. And the multiple impacts that losing a loved one has on families.

If all this sounds good, listen to Leading Communities Podcast to find out more and get in touch to let us know what you think!

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