The third episode of the Leading Communities Podcast on the LGBTQI community came out on 21st February. Asian LGBT Network Founder Khakan Qureshi and Vice Chair of West Midlands Police LGBT Simon Whincup joined host Marieanne Delaney of iDeal Directions Marketing to talk about LGBTQI issues and the current gaps in community partnership work.

Our community-inspired podcast explores issues raised by passionate people of the West Midlands. We feature cutting-edge guidance from proven leaders.

Episode Highlights:
  • Firstly, we discuss the challenges LGBTQI individuals face in religious communities. In some faith groups, there is open hostility towards the LGBTQI community. This causes great pain within families and friendship groups because it may lead to divisions and isolation for LGBTQI individuals. As a result of this hostility, some may distance themselves from their families and their faith.
  • Leaders in the community like the police need to come out and support all communities, encourage tolerance, and show impartiality.
  • Social media is powerful but can cause problems. Spreading negative messages and emotions is too easy. Therefore, it is important to spread the message of acceptance in our communities. When used correctly it can be a force for good. Therefore it is important that people think before they post on social media. 
  • Finally, we discuss another critical issue within the LGBTQI community: the acceptance of diversity within it. This means racial diversity as well as separate strands of LGBTQI. In addition, we highlight that there is more to LGBTQI than being ‘social’ or ‘going to the village on Friday or Saturday night.
Who Is This Podcast For?
  • Community leaders looking to gain practical knowledge around LGBTQI issues, health, behaviour, and how to engage with faith communities on these topics.
  • Community members looking to support, educate and engage on issues involving LGBTQI and faith group tension.

If all this sounds good, listen to LGBTQI Leading Communities to find out more and get in touch to let us know what you think!

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