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Have you ever been at an event and felt lost, uncertain or worried? Have you wished there was somebody there who would just listen and help? Ever wondered how festival goers can be supported?

A Festival Angel may have been the answer to your trouble. Festival Angels are compassionate helpers who support visitors to have a safe and enjoyable time at events. Festival support is rather under looked but crucial for an inclusive experience. They often look out for people who may be feeling anxious or alone, and do their best to help. They can be a listening ear and watchful eye and signposting the first aid and security facilities. Angels can also help by offering directions, friendly chat and maybe link you with other people to make new friends at the festival.

happy and diverse volunteer group holding sign

happy and diverse volunteer group holding sign

Simmer Down Festival, coming up on July 23rd, are looking for volunteer Angels to keep an eye out for people on the day.

Festival Angels, Street pastors or similar are now a feature of many major festivals, including Reading & Leeds, V Festival, and MoFest. The movement originally began as a Christian initiative, but the values of compassion and assistance can be upheld by anyone, regardless of faith. Similar initiatives have been seen in Birmingham. Outside nightclubs, street pastors will hand out bottled water and arrange taxis. Volunteers will be supported with freebies from the Birmingham based festival sponsors – Crucial Sauce Company.

If you are motivated to help people and would like to keep a supportive eye on those that may be feeling isolated, withdrawn or shy at the Simmer Down Festival 2017, email us:

admin@aspire4u.co.uk (please use Festival Angels in the Healdine) or call on 0121 622 3603

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