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West Midlands based author Joan Blaney celebrates her latest accomplishment of receiving an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Wolverhampton. Joan is also a passionate community champion. She has written a new book called Adventures In Bodiwell.

In fact, she donated a substantial number of her Adventures In Bodiwell books for young entrepreneurs to sell to schools. They also sell to education organisations, hospitals, libraries and families.

The Adventures In Bodiwell is a series of short health literacy for 7 year olds upwards.

Adventures In Bodiwell: Mr Smokey & Miss Chemi-Cal come to town

Adventures In Bodiwell will teach children the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

The educational & entertaining stories depict how the body can help prevent or deal with illnesses and diseases if healthy.

Joan portrayed the body as ‘Bodiwell’, a beautiful little town where cartoon illustrated body organs come alive with names and personalities.

Stories tell how Miss Harriet Heart and the Lungs (Mr and Mrs) doing battle with Victor Virus. Other characters include Debbie Diabetes and Mr Smokey from the unhealthy neighbourhood town Sickville.

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Here’s what the professionals say

“What a fantastic approach to teach body awareness.” Daharminder Chuhan, English Teacher

“This is an excellent way of telling individuals about their body. It’s very encouraging, easy to read and fully explains the different health problems that we face and how to get fit and healthy. I’ve not come across this before and I work for the health service.” Christine Hill, Nurse

How to buy one for children in your home, work or region

Aspire4u mentors young people to develop their mindset, financial literacy and employability. Working with Joan Blaney we use these books as a positive opportunity for young people to earn money. In addition to this we aim to do some social good. Our mentees come from various walks of life and our programme Arts4Lyfe (with Lyfeproof – youth engagement brand) is a positive diversionary activity to help young people resist the lure of risky or harmful behaviours.

The young people hone their e-commerce (and general online trading) skills. They organise and pack the books. Then post them or they sell at libraries or specific collection points across the region.

Schools, libraries, care homes, hospital schools and settings for young people would benefit from having this resource material for their young people. Special bulk deals can be arranged so the book can be purchased for less than the recommended retail price of £3.99 each. Click here to order for the children in your life or work place.

Parents, child minders and community groups may want to come together and buy a few to own and donate the rest to other children in their neighbourhood. We would love to hear from you and get these positive wellbeing books in communities where healthy conversations matter. Email us at projects@aspire4u.co.uk to get yours today or get more information.

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