Lyfe Proof: The Arts4Lyfe Event

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LyfeProof: The Arts4Lyfe Event

When your creative energy is at its peak and awesome ideas abound, you need the right audience to share with and the right people to realise the genius behind the arts. Alternatively, you may be looking for a collaborator to help inject freshness into an existing idea. Sometimes you just need someone else to add another element to your mix to reap promising results.


Lyfe Proof’s upcoming Arts4Lyfe event is what this is all about:


Picture credit: LyfeProof-Arts4Lyfe event

Picture credit: LyfeProof-Arts4Lyfe event

Talent Blend

The event is held with the idea of bringing together young creatives, to share ideas and find the right people to exhibit them to. Networking is what it’s all about. The Cielo Cafe, where it’s being held, keeps it community based and provides a modest setting for big ideas. Live music is also part of it to maintain a fun, lively atmosphere.
Such events as this are organised by LyfeProof to expose students to real careers and exciting futures. According to their impact report they’ve proven to have ‘turned students around and motivated them’. They’ve also helped ‘gain advantages to careers and employment’.




Your ability and the work you apply also brings just as much exposure to exciting opportunities of course. If you’re working on a music project, this is a chance to discuss your ideas with others and develop it further. Through performance, exhibition or spoken word you can make your creativity known. From industry specialists, you can even gain invaluable insight into your chosen field. There will be a question and answer panel layout for you to get the knowledge you need for future plans. You’ll be speaking to real people who can offer genuine advice and guidance.


Find out more of what you can gain from the event.

By Kate Dodwell
21st March, 2018

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