Mental health is being discussed nationwide: from mainstream media posts to multiple health campaigns across the country. The latest phrase that has been coined for addressing early intervention towards mental health is Mindfulness.

Through this;  a platform has been created for sufferers to voice their experiences – without fear of judgement; unbiased to culture, gender and most importantly: age.

Almost 50% of all mental health issues are formed in adolescence, which gave birth to the statistic: 3 or more children in every classroom will suffer with mental problems.

This applies to millennial teenagers now more than ever. Around the age of fourteen, pressure from education and social media gives students an overwhelming sense of failure.

As a result, behavioural problems tend to sky-rocket, exam performances dip due to anxiety and students enter into an identity crisis. It also contributes to why depression rates in 15 and 16 year olds doubled between the 1980’s and 2000’s.


Mindfulness in Birmingham, West Midlands for teenagers stressed or anxious

Aspire4U aims to help communities and families develop mind-sets for better well being.



However, by combining the benefits of mindfulness into mini classroom sessions, Mindful Me, a holistic behavioural company are on a mission to decrease stress levels in teenagers in schools nationwide.

Their ethos uplifts emotional health and wellbeing through a variety of fun activities; helping to train young minds in coping with the pressures of life.

In their recent mindfulness taster sessions at Bristnall Hall Academy in Oldbury, it allowed students to freely release their emotions and worries about their future. Using interactive activities; the practitioners not only delved into reasoning behind societal pressure on young people, it also promoted ground-breaking techniques to calm the mind and control anxious and depressive thoughts.

In particular, their amazing practitioners have concocted the STOP mind management toolkit:


Seven-eleven breathing – tips for controlling breathing with counting

Take a step back – allows students to step back from a situation and analyse their behaviour

Observe – provides insight on all angles of a problem, resulting in a calm mind

Positive thoughts actions – choosing positivity to resolve the problem


Aspire4U a Bristnall Hall Academy, Academies Trust

Aspire4U delivered the mindfulness workshops to students of Bristnall Hall Academy in Oldbury



A very simple acronym that teaches teenagers how to balance the emotional and logical sides of the brain; bringing harmony and focus back to their lives.

Through providing group and one-to-one sessions; schools will see a decrease in behavioural problems and an improved outlook of positivity in regards to exams, further education and peer engagement.  In a recent testimonial, Aston Manor Academy in Birmingham accredited a 23.5% decrease in self-harming thoughts thanks to the phenomenal mindfulness delivery partnership between Aspire4U & Mindful Me provide.

Overall, the mindfulness programme bridges the gap between adolescence and peace of mind.

With the world accelerating faster and faster every day, the body is often fed but the mind neglected.

Through Mindful Me, students understand physical, mental and emotional health are of equal importance, and will encourage diamonds to emerge from the pressure of life.

Written by Ashlee E L Roberts

For Aspire4U CIC,
The Mindset Lead Organisation

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