Managing mindset is no easy task- Sports and Mental Health

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The fourth episode of the Leading Communities Podcast was released on 8th May, and focused on sports and mental health.

Host Marieanne Delaney of iDeal Directions Marketing was joined by Sports Psychologist Dr Jennifer Cummings and Olympian Athlete Thomas Bosworth, who provided valuable and interesting discussions around how sport benefits mental health through developing coping mechanisms for athletes and the public, young and old.

The community inspired podcast explores issues raised by passionate people of the West Midlands. We are looking to share cutting edge guidance from proven leaders.


  • There are a lot of community organisations who use sport as a vehicle for positive interaction and change. Using sport with NEET young people, helps to develop their self-esteem, set goals, teamwork, etc and a lot of these skills are transferable to the workplace.
  • Losing is incredibly demoralising. It is at this point that it is important to be positive irrespective of the outcome and that will help anyone analyse any situation better. A lot of athletes set themselves up for failure because they are unrealistic to believe that they can win all the time. Only one person can win.
  • It is important to work closely with communities to develop programs and evaluate such programs so that there is evidence on what works and doesn’t. Evidence is essential because it has an impact on funding, policy makers. However, although communities are doing a lot of good work, they are not going that extra step to gather evidence.
  • Managing mind sets is no easy task. It is about managing the mind little by little. Like any new skill, it is not possible to become an expert overnight. It is about taking one step at a time and then becoming a master.

Who Is This Podcast For?

For community leaders who are looking to gain practical knowledge around health and behaviour and how to engage communities. This podcast is a great starting point to setting you on the right track.


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