Leading Communities Podcast: Episode 3 – LGBTQI+

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Khakan Qureshi – Founder of Birmingham South Asians LGBT

Khakan is the founder of Birmingham South Asians LGBT – Finding A Voice, a voluntary led, social support group for South Asian men and women aged 18+.

As a campaigner, activist, writer and speaker, Khakan has been a visible force in the recent Anderton Park School protests; working to problem solve and organise discussions between protestors and the LGBT community.

Throughout his experiences, Khakan has completed the Stonewall LGBT School Role Model and Diversity Role Model programme.

He has also been shortlisted for several LGBT awards and organised the first South Asians LGBT Conference 2018 in Birmingham and the first LGBTIQ+ Intersectionality and Islam Conference.

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Simon Whincup Senior Intelligence Manager at West Midlands Police

Simon Whincup is a senior manager within West Midlands Police and vice chair of the forces internal LGBT+ staff association.
Having worked in policing for just over 20 years, Simon has seen the evolution of the LGBT+ discussion in policing and how policing has evolved in many areas to mainstream certain aspects of LGBT+.
Policing recognises there is still a way to go in terms of dealing with many contemporary points and Simon is supporting his staff association and force in developing their way forward. This also includes community engagement issues.
Simon believes the way to deal with many of the challenges facing communities in present day should be more focussed through a dialogue resolution.
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