On 17th October the first Leading Communities Podcast arrives with gusto. The community inspired podcast explores issues raised by passionate people of the West Midlands. We share cutting edge guidance from proven people. This episode is focuses on making those in charge at a policy level listen to us in our communities.

Tom McNeil (policy advisor for the West Midlands Police and Crime Commission), and Ben Twomey (Head of Policy and Research at the National Youth Advocacy Service) field questions from Kit (Director of Aspire4u) on behalf of aspiring leaders. Marieanne Delaney of iDeal Directions Marketing presents with That’s All Media CIC. as host.


  • Firstly we begin with a key insight into policy makers’ mindsets. This follows from Daryl Chambers’s question (CEO of InPower Academy CIC). Understand the thought process of the powerful to get your agenda to the forefront of future policies. A key attribute of being a good policy maker is ‘knowing what you don’t know’. So all effective policy makers ensure they are out in the communities, listening to real people about the issues they face.
  • Furthermore policy makers view themselves as the ‘good guys’. So frame your needs to them with this in mind to get what you want. Ben used a cup of tea analogy. “If you’re approaching your partner saying ‘you never make me a cup of tea in history, and your family has never made me one either, so you’re probably not going to make me one this time’ is only going to make unnecessary enemies and result in another negative reaction. However, ‘I’ve had a long day in meetings, they never once offered me a cup of tea, maybe you could make me one’ is more likely to be persuasive. In fact it frames the issue as a way for them to save the day and be the hero.
  • Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges in affecting real change is getting yourself in the room with decision makers. With this in mind, Tom and Ben also offer up tips on how to get closer to policy makers. Start the conversation with them about the issues you or your community are facing, so that you can start taking steps that will eventually help to accomplish your goals.

Who Is This Podcast For?

For community leaders who looking to access policy makers and bring about positive change, this podcast is a great way to gain knowledge from those working in this environment.


What do you think? Do you like our podcast? Has it made you think about tea differently? Or just think differently about policy making? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! 



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