Leading Communities Podcast Episode 2

Alison Trout – Health Psychologist


Alison is a Chartered Health Psychologist. She has a background in Applied Psychology. In fact, she has over 25 years experience of working within clinical and research settings within the Academic, Public (NHS and Local Authority) and also third sector organisations. Therefore she is an ideal person to speak on this topic!
Career highlights include working as a Stop Smoking Service Manager, Commissioner and Strategic lead for Workplace Wellbeing, Obesity, Tobacco Control and Community Wellbeing. And as Strategic Lead within a Local Authority for Behavioural Science.


Alison joined the writing and reviewing group for the recently published National Strategy Improving Peoples Health: Applying Behavioural and Social Sciences to improve Population Health and Wellbeing in England. She now co-ordinates the Midlands and East Behavioural Science Hub on behalf of the Behavioural Science in Public Health Network. Another way she supports this work is by being a Committee Member.
As well as running her own business – The Behavioural Science Team UK, Alison currently works part time as a Psychologist within the NHS  with people who have Diabetes.


She is passionate about working with communities and is a Trustee and Volunteer with Three Trees Community Centre based in Chemlsey Wood, Solihull.
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Dr Kiran Sodha – Healthcare Specialist

Dr Kiran Sodha is a GP in London. His specific interests are preventing and also treating chronic illness such as diabetes and depression.


Dr Sodha has also developed educational applications for GPs. In addition, he founded an online healthcare startup. And is currently completing an MBA at Warwick University.

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Kate Walker – Charity Chair, Steps to Your Healthy Future CIO

Kate works in the health and wellbeing industry. And has done for the past twenty-one years. She uses expertise of behavioural change for example to educate and support people with type 2 diabetes and obesity. Kate is passionate about helping people to achieve good health. In fact she believes sustainability is key. She provides information and support where and when it is needed.


Steps to Your Healthy Future is a Birmingham-based charity established in 2017. Set up to promote and preserve the good health of people suffering or at risk from long-term health conditions for example, type-2 diabetes and pre-diabetes. As well as support, it provides education.

Steps to Your Healthy Future brings the community together in one place so they can share and support each other.

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