Leading Communities Podcast: Episode 1 – Policy

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Tom McNeil – Strategic Adviser to the Police Crime Commissioner

Tom is the Strategic Adviser to the PCC. He advises on a broad range of areas including data ethics, public sector reform policy and also, devolution strategy.


After starting his career as a commercial lawyer he later became a charity law specialist advising leading charities, social enterprises, trade unions and public bodies on a significant variety of legal issues.


He also has a diverse range of passionate causes that he supports. For example he was a governor for an autism specialist school. He also served as Special Constable for the Metropolitan Police. In addition to these roles he sat as a non-executive director for a human rights organisation and volunteered for a number of years for the children’s charity Barnardo’s. Finally he further pursued his passion for public service by standing as a parliamentary candidate in two general elections in the West Midlands.

Tom has also recently been appointed as a trustee for the National Union of Students and Chair of its Group Audit & Risk Committee.

Tom is passionate about policies aimed at preventing crime through the power of education and tackling poverty.

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Ben Twomey – Head of Policy and Research for NYAS (the National Youth Advocacy Service)

NYAS (the National Youth Advocacy Service) is a leading children’s rights charity. It specialises in empowering care-experienced young people to have their voices heard.


Ben designs NYAS’ policies and drives their campaigns. In addition he conducts research and evaluations. He is also responsible for influencing politicians and decision-makers across England and Wales.

As well as this Ben was previously working for three Police and Crime Commissioners. Government Ministers, Cross-Party Parliamentary Groups, national treatment agencies and also senior police officers praised his policies.

Finally he also led on a diverse range of policy areas including youth engagement, homelessness, stop and search, substance misuse, organised crime and unauthorised encampments.


When he was 22 years old, Ben also became the youngest candidate ever in the country to stand in a Police and Crime Commissioner election. Here he emphasised that no child is born a criminal and that early support is therefore crucial to keeping young people on the right path.

Find Ben on: LinkedIn and Twitter

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