Smart Ways To Earn Money Whatever Your Age, Gender or Area

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Smart ways to earn money matter more now than ever. With maintenance grants being cut and fees getting higher, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to pay their way through university without something else to back them up.

However, this does not always necessarily mean that students turn to getting a traditional job. With the rise of social media and the internet there are even more ways for you to earn money without having to sit in an office answering phones from 9 until 5.

It is all about being clever and having the right mentality to use every means possible to you to make money for minimal effort and at a time that suits you.  Some reference to earning more per hour/ per effort Even better if you can maximise earnings per time spent

So how can you do it?


For many gaming was just a past time that led to nowhere other than a telling off from your parent or guardian but now, if you are good at it, you could earn big bucks. Most famously, YouTuber Pewdiepie, who has received over 11 billion views on his channel, is reported to have earned $124 million dollars since 2010. Obviously, this is the extreme end of the spectrum but it is not to say that money of some description cannot be made. Recently there are more and more websites available that can help you to make money through gaming such as Twitch a website where you can earn £2.50 per subscriber.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online pseudonym PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online pseudonym PewDiePie


If you have a qualification, why not use it to teach others? Tutoring can pay upwards of £15 an hour and is easy to find tutees through websites such as Tutorfair. It can also help you in the future. Not only does tutoring show you as entrepreneurial and capable, it shows future employers that you have the ability to communicate with people of all age groups.

Share your knowledge and get paid for it!

Share your knowledge and get paid for it!

Becoming a brand ambassador

Brand ambassador roles are hugely popular with students, with the ability of making upwards of £10 an hour for posting on websites, Facebook groups etc., the job is flexible and advantageous. This type of experience can also offer great networking opportunities with big brands such as Virgin, Victoria Secret and Spotify, to name only a few. With the right networking opportunities, you can be pushed up the ladder into future employment.

Be a real, on the ground face for a brand.

Be a real, on the ground face for a brand.

Ebay and Upcycling

You can sell anything on the internet. Anything. From old clothes, to old textbooks, to kidneys (we don’t recommend selling body parts), you can sell them online on Ebay, Depop and many more apps and websites which are similar. However, this doesn’t just provide monetary gain, as through using these websites, you can teach yourself about trading, marketing and how to use social media effectively.

buy small, sell big

buy small, sell big

Volunteer for Research and Focus Groups

There are many different companies and people (especially in universities) who are looking for subjects to carry out their research on. If you are willing to be poked and prodded, you can earn upwards of £100 a day for doing next to nothing. Obviously, this requires a sacrifice on your behalf but the benefits could be innumerable.


For minimal time and minimal effort, websites like YouGov will offer you money to fill out short 5 minute surveys – if you are willing to put in a little every day, in the long-run you can earn points, rewards and money.

Ticking boxes and getting paid

Ticking boxes and getting paid



Use the time you are free and the abilities that you have to gain experience and work in any way that you can. With the right mentality, you can use any skill at your disposal for your long-term and short-term benefit.

Written By: Grace Duncan

From Aspire4U CIC,
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