Acceptance over tolerance – LGBTQI

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The third episode of the Leading Communities Podcast was released on 21st February and it did not disappoint.

Host Marieanne Delaney of iDeal Directions Marketing was joined by Asian LGBT Network Founder Khakan Qureshi and Vice Chair of West Midlands Police LGBT Simon Whincup who came to taking about LGBTQI issues and gaps missing when it came to community partnership working.

The community inspired podcast explores issues raised by passionate people of the West Midlands looking for cutting edge guidance from proven leaders.

Key Listens:

  • A critical challenge is to engage with people who identity themselves as LGBTQI but also have religious beliefs. Given that homosexuality is frowned upon in religion, individiuals from the LGBT community may start segregating themselves from families and religion but they do not want to do that. There is tension between religion and their sexual orientation
  • It is important that leaders in the community like the police need to come out and support all communities and show impartiality
  • Social media can be very problematic but can also be beneficial in some cases and when used correctly. Spreading negative sentiments and emotions about a community on social media is so easy and we need to be cautious about that. It is important to spread the message of acceptance in our communities and think before something is said on social media.
  • Another critical issue within the LGBTQ community is the acceptance of all races, separate strands of LGBTQ, bringing to light that there is more to LGBTQ than being ‘social’ or ‘going to the village on Friday or Saturday night’. 

For community leaders who are looking to gain practical knowledge around health and behaviour and how to engage communities, this podcast is a great starting point to setting you on the right track.

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