Aspire4U has entered a new stage. With the end of 2016 and the end of an internationally tumultuous year, Aspire4U hopes to work more closely with our communities to prepare them for what 2017 and the future may hold on a more local level.


Why are we changing?

After asking our communities, that have grown and evolved with us since 2009, what they wanted for the future, our first mission of helping young people into employment through event management is changing.

For many of the people that we work with, the main concerns lie with ‘know how’ especially when it comes to things such as employability, mental health and financial literacy.

You told us that your primary concerns include:

  • “My brain gets in the way of me achieving”
  • “My child has so much potential but we never knew how others got opportunities”
  • “We are suffering in silence, we need money, jobs and a new life”
  • “How come other are successful and we’re not?”
  • “Even when I get a job, I can’t hold on to it”
  • “There is not enough specific information in our communities – there is too much confusion”
  • “No one comes to us to find out what we need”
  • “School hasn’t prepared me for life”
  • “How can I access high quality knowledge if I haven’t been around academics?”

We want to help you achieve this and more.


So, with that in mind, what are our updated aims?

We had to rethink our purpose and the skills we have to actually make a difference.

You told us what you want us to do. We now look to serve you in the following ways…

  • We create: live learning experiences (through programmes, events; research), develop mindsets and mentalities necessary for a better life.
  • We communicate: things that make your life/ community better through simplified research; inspiring information; inspiring people.
  • We focus on: Money, mental health, employability, resilience.


While we will still do events with impactful meaning to encourage empowerment, we will also find the best information from the most trusted and influential people and organisations around the world. We will bring these people to you through events in your area or via social media so that you can stay connected to the things that could improve your lives for the better.

We will research the things that work and bring it to you. And hopefully through you, this knowledge can be shared with others and you can be part of the change in 2017.


From: Asipre4U Social Enterprise

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Our Vision: Imagine a world where people understand their brains enough to make better decisions, then imagine fully understanding money to never be at its mercy; now thread both with individual and collective purpose so that poverty and disadvantage can be overcome for generations to come.  

Our Mission: Aspire4U works to help communities towards well being. We aim to do this by what you see (online experiences with us), or what you feel (our events, workshops or programmes).

Our Intuition: We believe in sharing  things that are evidenced and that are proven to work to with the community.  If you care enough to share and would like to blog for Aspire4U, please email, using “I want to Blog 4U” as the subject header. We appreciate you all.