Free Birmingham Festivals: B-Side Hip Hop 2018

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This year, Aspire4U are proudly supporting the B-Side Hip Hop Festival.

Running for its third year in a row, B-Side is held at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre. It comprises an energetic show of Hip-Hop culture, through different art forms.

Aspire4U are also working with the director behind the event, Juice Aleem, on the Afroflux Project-with the aim of reimagining black futures. B Side is now in its third year and is held at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre. All aspects of Hip-Hop are explored and celebrated.



Picture credit: Birmingham Hippodrome/ B Side Hip Hop Festival

Picture credit: Birmingham Hippodrome|B Side Hip Hop Festival


What to Expect from the Event

A celebration of the maelstrom of colour, splashed amidst the concrete constraint of urban surroundings, is to encourage individuality.

In support of this, the Hippodrome will showcase Hip-Hop culture through graffiti and street art. Vivid splashes of colours and bold imagery will be displayed in and around the venue.

There will also be dance competitions, rap battles, workshops for families and live DJs playing.

Entry is free of charge.



To add to the exciting atmosphere, there will also be an after-party taking place.

Some acts include Rasko, Henry Link and Zookie.

See below the explosive artwork of Rasko, some of which will be displayed:





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Piece written by Kate Dodwell

1st May, 2018


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