What We're doing: Flyover Show is a free one-day arts festival like no other taking place on Saturday 18 August, 12.30pm- 9pm, at Hockley Flyover Underpass, Birmingham The Flyover Show, will host up to 6,000 attendees at its annual multi arts and festival, showcasing the best of British creativity. Set in the underpass of Hockley [...]

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Free Birmingham Festivals: B-Side Hip Hop 2018

  This year, Aspire4U are proudly supporting the B-Side Hip Hop Festival. Running for its third year in a row, B-Side is held at the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre. It comprises an energetic show of Hip-Hop culture, through different art forms. Aspire4U are also working with the director behind the event, Juice Aleem, on the Afroflux Project-with the [...]

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Instrumental Influential

This month we're looking at influential organisations that help battle challenges of the mind. Beat It Percussion does just this. For individuals with disabilities and dementia, musical workshops are run for a number of positive reasons. The verbs 'include', 'encourage' and 'eliminate' are best suited to these gatherings. Picture credit: BeatitPercussion/influential workshops     [...]

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Dudley Youth Awards

Aspire4u are very proud of giving recognition to real people making real differences. The Dudley Youth Awards is organised by Dudley Youth Council to publicly commend young people. Acts of kindness and compassion are recognised and celebrated as they should be. Talent and tenacity is rewarded. Boldness and bravery is also included as part of the [...]

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Tackling Youth Violence: Alison Cope and the Joshua Ribera Awards

Alison Cope organises awards event to recognise the achievements of young people in alternative provision settings. The Awards The Joshua Ribera awards ceremony, organised by Alison Cope is to take place on 2nd February, 2018 at the Birmingham Events and Conference Centre. It celebrates the achievements of 21 young people, aged 14 to 18. They come [...]

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Notting Hill Carnival – Parade of Peace

Ashlee E L Roberts explores the history of Notting Hill Carnival, the political and racial relevance it still holds and the presence of Midland based The Crucial Sauce Company at the bank holiday celebration!   Jerk Chicken. Soca. Feathered, figure hugging outfits with beaded face art. Carnival is a celebration of Caribbean culture and a chance [...]

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Thank you! An open letter to all those at Simmer Down Festival ’17

THANK YOU! After the HUGE success of Simmer Down Festival 2017 we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who made it happen. Without the hard work and dedication of all those involved we could not have pulled this off. We’re still waiting on official figures, but latest estimates suggest an audience [...]

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Call For Heritage And Culture Workshop Leaders

Do you work in the heritage industry? Do you want to lead interactive workshops for teenagers about ancestry and culture? Do you want to share your passion for culture? Aspire4u seeking creative workshop leaders. We need you! We are looking for people with experience working in culture, heritage and ancestry to lead a [...]

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